Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Flutter Games Toolkit

Get your casual, mobile game from idea to launch with Flutter

Single codebase

Write your game once and deploy on both iOS and Android

Single codebase


Speed up your game's development with pre-built integrations for services like Ads, In-App Purchases, Firebase, Play Services, and Game Center


Open source

Access every line of code in Flutter: no black boxes

More control

Casual games in Flutter

Build your first Flutter game

This Flutter sample game repo has pre-integrated modules for In-App Purchases, mobile ads SDK, and many other pieces of a successful game. Make sure you've got the Flutter SDK, then visit the GitHub repo and clone the template to get started!

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Google Services

Level up your Flutter game

Take advantage of up to $900 in offers when you integrate Google services into your game

Cloud + Firebase

Cloud Platform + Firebase

Receive up to $400 across your choice of back-end services.

Must connect Firebase and GCP accounts to use credits for Firebase services. Must verify business email during sign up to earn additional $100 on top of normal $300 credit

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Google Ads

Google Ads

Receive $500 in ad credit when you spend $500 with Google Ads.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to check your region's elibility.

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